The Timeless Gospel

Sermons from Larry Horton, a Baptist preacher with a whole lot of Calvinism mixed in. The sermons were taped in the 1980’s and early 2000’s and digitally remastered for you to enjoy today.

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2 days ago

In episode 32, we're back to our study in Romans and Larry continues preaching through Romans 5.
For the discussion portion of the episode, I welcome Larry's granddaughter, Joy and Daniel's daughter Mandolin.
Mandolin is responsible for the hymns you hear at the beginning and end of each episode.
Our heart warming, light conversation covers more Larry stories, homeschooling, and Mandolin's perspective on growing up with in the church where Larry was one of the pastors.
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Thursday Jun 06, 2024

In episode 31, my dear Aunt Shirley, who plays a key role in making this podcast possible by keeping and bringing me the Romans tapes, tells the story of how Larry and Linda's influence helped her begin the reveal a dark secret she had been keeping for most of her life.
While she doesn't reveal details, Shirley talks about her sexual assault at an early age, and how Larry and Linda were one of the few people in whom she could confide, many years after the assault occurred.
You'll hear how God wins over Satan, and how Shirley was helped by both Larry and Linda, and authors Justin and Lindsay Holcomb, who wrote the gospel centered book for survivors of sexual assault titled Rid of My Disgrace.
After Shirley's tells her story, I play a tape Larry and Linda recorded and sent to Shirley, sometime in the late 80s when Shirley was 26 years old.  The tape is a heart warming mix of theology and personal encouragement, from sister and brother in law to sister, explaining the gospel with graciousness and simplicity.
"It took nearly thirty years for that seed to sprout and grow in me. All the while Larry kept teaching and preaching the doctrines of grace. He kept talking about the Redemptive story of the Bible with Christ at the center, all the time! I was thirsty and hungry for spiritual food.
He had a hope for their future that was firmly anchored in Christ's promises...Larry had his eyes fixed on Christ. He would tell me, "Linda and I are going to be just fine, just fine."
This was Larry to me. My brother-in-law made Christ visible to me. Thank you Larry. I am forever grateful." -Shirley's tribute to Larry at his funeral
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Thursday May 30, 2024

In episode 30, a short sermon clip from episode 29 is replayed to give context to the remainder of Joy's story, which she finishes telling in this episode.
An amazing tribute to God's faithfulness, and Larry's message, listen to how Joy is brought to realize that she had never been abandoned by God despite her unrelenting pain for the better part of two years.
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Thursday May 30, 2024

In episode 29, Larry begins a new chapter in Romans.  He preaches on the first three verses of chapter 5, our trials and tribulations as Christians.
Larry's daughter and my sister Joy join me on this episode to talk about the "2nd Salvation" so to speak she experienced when listening to this sermon during an enormous trial in her life.
While she knows she wasn't literally saved a second time, she recounts how this sermon brought her out of darkness and despair, and reassured her of the love her heavenly Father had for her.
Her story spans the course of two years, and needed two episodes to tell.  Listen to part one of Joy's story now, in this episode, and then play episode 30 to hear the remainder of her story.
The Timeless Gospel podcast can be found on youtube here.
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Thursday May 23, 2024

In episode 28, Larry continues his study in Romans, focussing on faith, in verses 18-25 of chapter 4.
After the discussion I welcome back to the podcast Daniel, and we discuss the sermon.  
The main purpose for inviting Daniel back on was so that he could share with us his study of Song of Solomon, which his teaching verse by verse, at New Covenant Bible Church.
He explains the reason why he chose to teach through Song of Solomon, and the practical application Christian families may take away from this book in the Old Testament.
Find Daniel's Song of Solomon series, as well as sermons of Larry, Beau, and Charles at New Covenant Bible Church's  youtube channel. 
The book The Naked Gospel, referenced in the episode can be found here.
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Thursday May 16, 2024

In episode 27,  Larry continues teaching in Romans, explaining how law and grace do not co-exist.
Larry preaches in Romans 4:13-17, and then lists 49 Blessings that we have as Christians.
The common refrain you’ll hear throughout the sermon is:
“God calls into being, that which does not exist.”
I invite Joy and Cheryl back onto the podcast to discuss the 49 Blessings Larry lists at the end of the sermon.
While we aren’t certain, Joy and I believe Larry wrote the 49 Blessings, which can be read here.
You can find the Timeless Gospel on youtube.
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Sunday May 12, 2024

In this first "Companion Sermon" episode, Larry preaches from Hebrews 10:14, concerning sanctification, in 2002 at New Covenant Bible Church.
He speaks of sanctification in three contexts, the first two more rare, and the third being what most Christians are familiar with when they hear the word "sanctification."
This sermon is extraordinarily special to me because in it, Larry says that he wanted all of his kids to be in church the morning he preached it, so they might hear his new take on sanctification.
You can find the sermon and leave a comment at the youtube channel, or email me at

Episode 25: Romans 4:6-13

Thursday May 09, 2024

Thursday May 09, 2024

In episode 25, Larry continues teaching in Romans, explaining salvation, and the covenant God made with Abraham, and his seed.
After the sermon I offer a brief commentary.  The episode ends with Larry's granddaughter playing her arrangement of To God Be The Glory.
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Episode 24: Testimony Time

Thursday May 02, 2024

Thursday May 02, 2024

In episode 24, I break away from the Romans study and go back in time 2 years to play a lesson Larry taught at a church he and another elder pastored in San Jose California.
At the end of the lesson, Larry gives his testimony.  I then welcome back Larry's daughter Joy, and Larry's oldest son John to discuss their testimonies and explain what life was like growing up in a house of grace.
Finally we finish by recounting our favorite "Dad" stories.  This is a must listen episode, where the God's grace and goodness shines through in the lives of the Horton family.
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Thursday Apr 25, 2024

In Episode 23, Larry continues teaching through the heart of the gospel, beginning a new chapter, covering its first four verses.   
For the discussion portion of the episode, I welcome Dr. Michael Horton, Larry's brother and the J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics and Westminster Seminary California.
Dr. Horton explains how Larry came to show him the Doctrines of Grace, and tells a few renegade stories of his own, due to the unpopular doctrines he had come to love just as much as Larry.
Dr. Horton's first book, referenced in our discussion is 
Putting Amazing Back into Grace.
The sermon by Dr. Horton referenced in our discussion can be watched on youtube here.
Learn more about Dr. Horton at
Listen to his podcast called The White Horse Inn here.
Do you have questions about the podcast?  You can email them to


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